Research Detectors Inc.

Large Area CMOS X-ray Detectors

RDI's new CMOS detectors permits shutterless x-ray crystalllography that gives better quality results with lower radiation damge and shorter total data acqusition time. It has been used at ALS beamline 4.2.2 to take over 1000 crystal datasets. Here are two recent publications in high impact journals that have used our CMOS_8M detector.

in Nature:  "The structural basis of transfer RNA mimicry and conformational plasticity by a viral RNA" , T.M. Colussi, D.A. Costantino, J.A. Hammond, G.M. Ruele, J.C. Nix, and J.S.Kieft, Nature, 511 (2014) 366-369.

in Science:  " The Structural Basis of Pathogenic Subgenomic Flavivirus RNA (sfRNA) Production" , E. G. Chapman, D. A. Costantino, J. L. Rabe, S. L. Moon, J. Wilusz, J. C. Nix, and J. S. Kieft, Science Vol. 344 No. 6181 (2014) 307-310.


28.2cm x 29.5 cm

100 micron2 pixels

8.4 million pixels

20 Hz frame rate

Simultaneous acquisition

  and readout

Shutter-less data acqusition

Complete dataset in 3 minutes (0.1 deg/frame)

System includes 2 fast PC's and 40 terabyte fileserver

Works with XDS, HKL2000, D*Trek analysis programs

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Shutter-Less Crystallography

A CMOS_8M detector is installed on the MBC beamline (4.2.2) at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley. It operates in the shutter-less data acquisition mode. A complete crystal dataset takes just 3 minutes. The final data structures have higher resolution and are taken with less radiation damage than with conventional CCD systems. 

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Small 1.4 M pixel systems

RDI's small system has active area of 14.7 x 9.4 cm with 1.4 million pixels. It uses an 1 GB TCP/IP interface and has a maximum frame rate of 30 Hz. It's suitable for laboratory and synchrotron x-ray sources. 

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Research Detectors has been making large CMOS detectors for scientific applications for 5 years. We have the following publications:

in IOP Science from the 2013 Synchroton Radiation Instrumentation Conference in Gaithersburg, U.S.A.

A Large area CMOS detector for shuterless collection of x-ray diffraction data
   by AC Thompson, EM Westbrook, WM Lavender and JC Nix

and in IOP Science from the 2012 SRI Confernce in Lyon, France.

Large Format CMOS-based Detectors for Diffraction Studies
   by AC Thompson, JC Nix, TG Achterkirchen and EM Westbrook

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