Research Detectors Inc.

Large Area CMOS X-ray Detectors

RDI's new CMOS detectors permit shutterless x-ray crystalllography that gives better quality results with lower radiation damge and shorter total data acqusition time. A large CMOS_8M system has been used at Advanced Light Source beamline 4.2.2 to take 1000's of crystal datasets.

We also have a new compact CMOS detector (CMOS_2M) that will be useful in a wide variety of x-ray imaging experiments. It has a continuous imaging area of 15 cm x 10 cm with 99 micron pixels. It can be easily used in shutter less mode and to take image datasets with a frame speed of 18 frames/sec. A system is being installed at James Holton's beamline at the ALS. It is mounted on a linear stage so that it can be rapidly inserted just upstream of his larger CCD system. It will be used for rapid sample positioning and for rapid crystal screening.


28.2cm x 29.5 cm

100 micron2 pixels

8.4 million pixels

20 Hz frame rate

Simultaneous acquisition

  and readout

Shutter-less data acqusition

Complete dataset in 3 minutes (0.1 deg/frame)

System includes 2 fast PC's and 40 terabyte fileserver

Works with XDS, HKL2000, D*Trek analysis programs

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Shutter-Less Crystallography

A CMOS_8M detector is installed on the MBC beamline (4.2.2) at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley. It operates in the shutter-less data acquisition mode. A complete crystal dataset takes just 3 minutes. The final data structures have higher resolution and are taken with less radiation damage than with conventional CCD systems. 

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Small 1.4 M pixel systems

Here are two recent publications in high impact journals that have used our CMOS_8M detector.

in Nature:  "The structural basis of transfer RNA mimicry and conformational plasticity by a viral RNA" , T.M. Colussi, D.A. Costantino, J.A. Hammond, G.M. Ruele, J.C. Nix, and J.S.Kieft, Nature, 511 (2014) 366-369.

in Science:  " The Structural Basis of Pathogenic Subgenomic Flavivirus RNA (sfRNA) Production" , E. G. Chapman, D. A. Costantino, J. L. Rabe, S. L. Moon, J. Wilusz, J. C. Nix, and J. S. Kieft, Science Vol. 344 No. 6181 (2014) 307-310.

RDI also has small system CMOS_1M system that has active area of 14.7 x 9.4 cm with 1.4 million pixels. It uses an 1 GB TCP/IP interface and has a maximum frame rate of 30 Hz. It's suitable for laboratory and synchrotron x-ray sources. 

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Research Detectors has been making large CMOS detectors for scientific applications for 6 years. We have the following publications:

in IOP Science from the 2013 Synchroton Radiation Instrumentation Conference in Gaithersburg, U.S.A.

A Large area CMOS detector for shuterless collection of x-ray diffraction data
   by AC Thompson, EM Westbrook, WM Lavender and JC Nix

and in IOP Science from the 2012 SRI Confernce in Lyon, France.

Large Format CMOS-based Detectors for Diffraction Studies
   by AC Thompson, JC Nix, TG Achterkirchen and EM Westbrook

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